Call Tracker PRO is a system that enables you to track the results of your advertising. Most businesses are literally wasting thousands of $$$$$ per year on ineffective advertising that isn't producing any results. The only problem is there hasn't been a way to quantify those results...
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With Call Tracker PRO you get:

• Unique Tracking Phone Numbers
       - Local or Toll Free Numbers for online and offline ad tracking

• Call Recording for coaching, accountability, and hidden marketing asset leverage

• Weighted Ringing / Stepped Ringing / Multi Ringing

• Call Tracker PRO Voicemail that you control

• Whisper Technology so when you answer the phone CTP will tell you which ad the call was generated from

• Caller ID Capture system so no more inbound customer lead information will be lost

• Real-time metrics and analytics that are accessible through the online dashboard
       - Includes bar graphs and pie charts for ease of use

• Auto email reports and call notifications for timely analization of inbound call leads

• Website to call conversion tracking

• Dynamic Number Insertion with rewrite technology so you can track calls to SEM keywords, banners, etc.

• Advanced Call Routing can be sent to cell phone for internet leads, or even forwarded to a call center

• Optional Click to Call feature added on to your website  ($30 per month addition) 

Call Tracker PRO is designed for small business owners and entreprenuers that are ready to determine which advertising is actually working so they can stop wasting their advertising dollars on useless campaigns.

The CTP Dashboard is user-friendly and easy to read:

Call Dashboard
Call Dashboard

Call Log
Call Log

Call Recording
Call Recording

Calls by Campaign
Calls by Campaign

Calls by Geography
Calls by Geography



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