“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."
If only legendary showman P.T. Barnum had known about Call Tracker PRO™!

Discover how today’s most Successful Entrepreneurs are turning their attention away from being the ‘Doer ’of their Business and becoming the ‘Marketer’ of their Business, enabling them to achieve unprecedented success like never before despite the current economic climate!

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Dear Business Owner and Friend,

Choosing media buys can be overwhelming with choices from Cable TV, Radio, Yellow Pages, Newspaper, Billboards, Print Magazines, Community Events and Charities, etc. Did you notice I haven’t even mentioned the Internet? (talk about overwhelming) With 8 out of 10 customers utilizing ‘Search Engines’ it’s easy to argue that all of the previous mentioned traditional methods are ‘old school’. 

Free CD - Call Tracking

Here’s the bigger challenge…  You only have so much of your hard earned dollars available to spend on advertising and you just can’t do it all! How do I know this? Because I’m an entrepreneur just like you and for years I made every advertising and marketing mistake in the book. I was listening to the guidance and advice of BIG corporate world ad agencies that were completely oblivious to marketing a small business.

But... what if you could track the results of every dollar you spend on advertising from this point forward? Here’s the 'Small Business Breakthrough' that mass media sales reps and ad agencies don’t want you to know about:

Direct Response vs. Image Advertising

To maximize the number of new prospects your marketing is generating and improve the frequency of visits from your past and present customers you must first understand Direct Response advertising vs. traditional image advertising.  Let me explain... Direct Response advertising, in simple terms, is a promotion that includes a ‘Call to Action’ with a deadline and is quantifiable. In other words, what action do you want the prospect to take and by when? Image advertising is the exact opposite, and the only real purpose is to 'Get Your Name Out There'.  

Often times business owners receive their marketing training from the very Sales Reps that are trying to sell them a 6-month ‘image enhancing’ marketing campaign. “You need to be consistent, and get your name out there,” they will tell you. Although this ‘image advertising’ may work for OEM’s and huge companies like Budweiser and Nike with multimillion dollar advertising budgets, it’s simply not an effective marketing method for Small Business owners.   The fact is that you only have so much money to spend on advertising, and the goal of your advertising is to hit your target audience with a compelling message that generates sales leads. 

Free CD - Call Tracking

The goal of your advertising isn’t to...

'Get your name out there' - WRONG!

Instead, wouldn't you rather...

'Get your customers in here!'

Call Tracker PRO™ is a powerful proven system that will allow you to measure every campaign based on what matters most... Your R.O.I. You can see Who's Calling in from your advertising, track customer information and even record calls for coaching purposes! Your advertising will become all about proven Direct Response Marketing strategies that PUT MONEY IN THE BANK! If an ad isn't working, you’ll know it and you can flush it.

Call Tracker PRO™ enables you to:

  • Quantify the Effectiveness of Your Advertising
  • Announce the Media Source That's Generating the Call
  • Automatically Record All Inbound Calls
  • Customize Caller Greetings to Specific Needs
  • Provide Customized Call Data Reports
  • Capture Inbound Caller Data (including the phone number, date, time, length of call, and even name and address)
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Rod Stuckey
Founder and CEO

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